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You may submit the document via


1.  Email:       


2.  Fax:                    1300 66 22 81


3.  You may also upload your Service Delivery Records below. 


ADC Service Delivery Records


Fast Claims is designed to reduce the time it takes you to process your claims and cut your precious admin time in order to increase your productivity. 

Fast Claims is ONLY eligible to company employers and/or sole traders. Employers may add their team members upon the Fast Claims account. 

Employees wishing to register on behalf of their company MUST have gained prior consent from their employers. 


Processing Payment Request 

Please download and sign the PDF document "ADC Service Delivery Records" below. The form is designed to be quickly filled each session and allows for easy processing for single and/or bulk payment requests. 


Fast Claims Portal

for NDIS Payment Requests

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